Okay im not sure i understand you- you want to create a page where it will 
suck an item out of a database, and use it to choose which item in a drop 
down menu should be selected?

If so, you can try something like

<select name="catagory>
        <option value="0"<?php if ($catagory == 0) {echo " selected"}; 
        <option value="1"<?php if ($catagory == 1) {echo " selected"}; 
        <option value="2"<?php if ($catagory == 2) {echo " selected"}; 

On Monday 22 July 2002 16:07 pm, Raymond Lilleodegard wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a site with all my movies and stuff stored in a database. And I have
> made a admin page where I can add, delete and update records. When I add
> new records, I have made a listbox for the category (ex. action, comedy
> etc.) so I dont have to write it every time I add a new record. But when I
> push the update button and the data thats stored in the database is printed
> its printed just in a textarea. I know its possible to list the data in a
> listbox, but how do I get the right category selected for the movie I
> choose?
> Best regards Raymond

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