>Is there a way to display an image withouth sending the headers first?

Not reliably.
*SOME* broken browsers will use the apparent "filename" in the URL to decide
what kind of document you are sending, even if you *DO* send the headers!

So you really want your URL to "end" (before any ?) in .jpg or .gif or .png
or whatever.

>I'm trying to display an inline image... but when I try it just only
>send the raw image data...

Don't.  You cannot (as far as I know) cram an image "inline" into an HTML

>I've thinking that I need to save an image first to disk and then
>display the image later... 

You do not need to do that either, though.

>I don't want to do this... but I wanna hear another possiblities before
>doing that...

You need two (2) files.

One with an IMG tag in it, that points to the second file.
The second file needs to spew out a valid JPEG (or GIF or PNG)


----------------- index.html

----------------- pretty.jpg
  header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
  header("Content-length: " . filesize("/full/path/to/$filename"));

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