>I'm not sure how to do this but I have a form which I wish to do the following.
>When the uses clicks the "submit button", I wish to perform a check where I 
>look for a value in a MySQL database.  If found, I need
>to return an error page telling the user that the value already exists.  I 
>assume that I can just POST to a PHP page that performs
>the check.
>If the value was not found, I would like to POST the results to a PHP form 
>handling script I use.
>The above tow are separate PHP documents that are not connected.  In 
>essence, it is akin to one form processing page handing off the
>information to another page.  Can this be done in PHP?

In addition to the other worthy solutions, there is a "posttohost" function
out there that Rasmus wrote ages ago in PHP.

It will let you POST any data you like to any web-form you can visit.

Quite handy. :-)

Google for "Rasmus Lerdorf and PostToHost"

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