I want to store image data into mysql table using BLOB but I don't know how to read it 
after. To record the image, I doesn't have any problem, but to read the file after and 
to view the image, I can't do anything the variable show only comment like this: 

So how can I do?

This was the script.


Include("connect.inc") ;

$fp = fopen("image/photo.jpg","r") ;

if ($fp) {

$code2 = "" ;

while (!feof($fp)) {

$buffer = fgets($fp, 4096);

$code2 = $code2.$buffer;



$code2 = addslashes($code2) ;

$table = 'image' ;

$instruction = mysql_query("INSERT into $table values ('','fichier inage','$code2','') 
or die("FATAL ERROR") ;


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