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> It's doing this as a favor to you. If it displayed the "From" you'd know
> less about the message than you know this way.

I replied to Michael off-list, but since this popped up again...

Pine uses a value called 'index-format' (configurable in the main config
screen) to determine how and what to display for your email.  Each piece
of information (date, subject, author, etc...) that shows up in your
index is represented by a 'token'.  Pine has a stock set of tokens that
it uses, but you can change the format to appear however you want.

The default token is 'FROMORTO', which displays the 'from' address,
unless 'From' is one of your own addresses (defined in pine's
"alt-addresses" list); then it displays the 'To' value.  To change this,
simply define your own index-format, and use the 'FROM' token instead of

More info is available by going to Pine's config screen (m, s, c),
searching for 'index-format' (w index-format <enter>), and hitting
CTRL-G to bring up the help.


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