On Tuesday, July 23, 2002, DonPro wrote:

> I've noticed that it there is an error performing certain commands
> like 'mysql_connect()'

> I'd like to suppress these messages as I am storing the error,
> mysql_error(), in an array. So if there is an error, I would simply
> display the contents of the array in a nice format.

Assuming I understand you correctly, to surpress errors from PHP
functions simply put an '@' symbol before the function.  This will
surpress the error message from PHP but will still execute your 'or'
statement, storing the message in your array, e.g.:

$result = @mysql_connect('blah','blah','blah') or

or I guess you could also do:

$result = @mysql_connect('blah','blah','blah');
if (!$result)
   $error_array[] = mysql_error();

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