If i can suggest...

I'm working on a project for the Quebec Junior Major Hockey league and i
found out that objects can be quite usefull in a large scale web application
like this one.

What i am doing is an object that connects to the database and stores
pertinent information into it. Also, i have other objects called collections
which read from the database in an uniform way. My junior programmers here
don't understand the basics of OOP but they do like it, because it
simplifies their work. They just need to know the object methods and
properties, how to use it and they do. They don't even have to do complex
request to the database anymore, all my objects do it for them.

My point is, OOP is great and it INDEED should be pushed much much more into
our common day programming of anything, should it be webapps or normal

If anyone is interested in developping a package of classes that could
greatly benefit SQL Reading/Writting and Data manipulation i'd be ready to
invest some time into it with other people so we can create a completly
standalone reader/writter class for any situation, table and fields. That
would be great.

(BTW, i'm on php4 and mysql, but welcome to new technologies like
Orable<->php and ODBC<->php)

Insane Coder
(Or almost insane =P)

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