On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 12:33:19PM -0400, Scott Fletcher wrote:
> I read the useful document about XML in PHP on
> http://www.analysisandsolutions.com/code/phpxml.html.

Thanks.  But, you mean:


> I had to write XML
> stuffs on the client-side with the build-in XML request and it doesn't make
> sense that the client brower should be communicating to credit bureau
> network without going to my company's PHP webserver to that credit bureau.

Programs do what you tell them to do.  If you write something on the
client and then tell it to get data from (or send data to) the credit
bureau, why would you expect it to communicate with your server?

If you want it to send/receive from your server, then you need to tell the 
program to do that.

Also, PHP is a server side language, so, if you wrote something client 
side, what language did you write it in and you might be better off asking 
on a list for that language.

> So, it meant I have to use the post request that would send the data to my
> company's PHP webserver and somehow convert it into xml and send it to that
> credit bureau by cURL.  Is there a way to do that??

Sure.  Make an HTML form on your server where users type in the input.

You need to then design a script that handles the data the users submit.  
I don't know how you want the data formatted nor how data gets submitted
to your credit bureau, so I can't state anything specific on the remaining

Anyway, when you're writing your HTML form in the first step, the action
attribute in the <form> tag should lead to that second script you made.


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