Greetings PHPers. For those of you with MS COM experience or those who want to know 
how to send a MULTI MIME type message read on.

I'm trying to find out the syntax for sending an HTMLbody and TEXTbody in the same 
message thus making it a TRUE MULTI message. (see code)

This is what I have... what am I doing wrong??? Any Clues?

$message = new COM('CDO.Message');
$message->To = $myList[$i];
$message->From = '[EMAIL PROTECTED]';
$message->Subject 'My Subject Line';
$message->TEXTBody = "This is my plain Text Body!"
$message->HTMLBody = "<html>HTML STRING HERE</html>";

Do I need to declare the HTML body first?
Do I have to set the AutoGeneratedTextBody property to false?
Commenting out the TEXTBody line sends a auto generated text body by default, but I 
was hoping to be able to customize my TEXTBody with a bit more control.

Your comments are always GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks gang!
- NorthBayShane

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