>>>>> "Kristopher" == Kristopher Yates <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
                               [. . .]
    Kristopher> I dont know about AuthorizeNet, but LinkPoint has an
    Kristopher> API written in PHP that is supposed to be inexpensive,
    Kristopher> and easilly integratable into any PHP apps.  I heard
    Kristopher> it was only $125.00..  Not a bad price for a few
    Kristopher> hundred lines of code.  I am in no way affiliated with
    Kristopher> or trying to advertise for these companies.  Hope this
    Kristopher> helps, Kris

The linpoint API is, indeed, easy o integrate into a PHP app.  <opinion> Linkpoint's
level of service could use some improvement, however.  </opinion>

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