>>>>> "Dave" == Dave At Sinewaves Net <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dave> Okay, I want to know if anybody has a clue which is more
    Dave> efficient, processorwise/parsingwise:

    Dave> this: ------ echo
    Dave> "<table><tr><td><b>".$somevar."</b><br>".$somevardesc."</td></tr></table>";

    Dave> or this: ------ echo
    Dave> "<table><tr><td><b>{$somevar}</b><br>{$somevardesc}</td></tr></table>";

    Dave> I almost always use the first method (just seems more
    Dave> readable to me), but with all of the discussion popping up
    Dave> about curly brackets, i was wondering if it really makes a
    Dave> difference?  Any vets out there care to put in their $0.02?

I bet that this would beat the pants off of both:

echo '<table><tr><td><b>'. $somevar . '</b><br>' . $somevardesc . '</td></tr></table>';

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