>hi i am trying to implement error handling in a join page, i would like to
>try and use one page if possible and then go through in steps like ?step=1
>etc , i would like to be able to return form variables to the previous step
>if there is an error, how could i do this ?

Honestly, I've always found it easier to just have distinct pages/files for
the steps, and to break the data up into human-comprehensible pages...

You have several options:

1. Pass every field around in an INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN tag on every page.

2. Use sessions.  http://php.net/session_start

3. Store each "partial" record into some tiny "temporary" table as you go,
and then move it to the *real* table only when it's all filled in correctly.

1. is probably easiest for the Newbie.
2. is probably easiest once you understand sessions -- a small but non-zero
learning curve
3. doesn't really have anything in particular to recommend it, but doesn't

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