>I've got the login part working perfectly, and I can turn the URL into a 
>link on the page, but I'd rather have the script just automatically forward 
>the person to the page they're login gives them access to.
>I've tried using header(), but since the redirection takes place about 
>mid-script, it doesn't work.  I've also tried using <meta> tag redirects, 
>but those don't seem to accept the PHP/MySQL combo.

Choice 1.
Re-structure your HTML/PHP so that the user registration and the department
lookup *IS* at the top of the script.
It's logically impossible for this to be "impossible" -- You have all the
inputs at the top of the page that you do half-way down.
Your code will probably end up being more maintainable once you separate
this login logic from the rest of your page anyway.

Choice 2.
The META tags *SHOULD* work, and they should not give a [bleep] about the
PHP/MySQL part of it.  But they also *MUST* be in the HEAD tag for it to
work reliably on most/all browsers.  Show us the parts of your code where
you think the META tags care about PHP/MySQL.

Choice 3.
Don't re-direct at all.  Use include.
    case 'Accounting':
    case 'Programming':
      include "$department.inc";
      # Error.  Either you are missing a Department file, or somebody's
trying to fool your server into serving up a file you don't want them to see

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