>I have an embedded object in my webpage which will play a DVD movie right in
>the page (provided you have a disc in teh dvdrom drive).  One of the
>javascript methods attached to this object returns the current time.  OK, on
>to the php/mysql part.  I have a mysql database which has a table to catalog
>camera shots digramed like so:
>|*shot_num    |
>|  start_time    |
>|  end_time     |
>|__________|  * = primary key
>During play, I have a javascript function which continuously gets teh
>current time and puts it in an input field called cur_time (clever huh?).
>So my question is... what is the best way to have a second field called
>shot_num which is continuously changing?  It can't be good to query the
>database continuously, even if it is a small query, can it?  What is a good
>stratagy to work with here?  I'm still a bit of a novice with php/mysql, so
>be gentle.

If you have only a *FEW* (like, under a hundred) "shot_num" in a single
movie, just do this:

  $query = "select shot_num, start_time from whatever order by shot_num";
  $shots = mysql_query($query) or error_log(mysql_error());
  echo "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript>\n";
  while (list($shot_num, $start_time) = mysql_fetch_row($shots)){
    echo "    shot_num[$shot_num] = $start_time;\n";
  echo "</SCRIPT>\n";

Now you can just look up the shot_num in JavaScript.
You may want to switch the array around or whatever it takes to make
JavaScript capable of finding/searching the shot_num/start_time lookup.

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