>I read the useful document about XML in PHP on
>http://www.analysisandsolutions.com/code/phpxml.html.  I still haven't made
>much progress on XML.  I'm still confuse about XML.  I had to write XML
>stuffs on the client-side with the build-in XML request and it doesn't make
>sense that the client brower should be communicating to credit bureau
>network without going to my company's PHP webserver to that credit bureau.
>So, it meant I have to use the post request that would send the data to my
>company's PHP webserver and somehow convert it into xml and send it to that
>credit bureau by cURL.  Is there a way to do that??

As I recall, only the DOM model can easily add/alter "nodes" to an XML
document.  SAX would be not useful...  (Or was it the other way around...?)

Anyway, you may be trying too hard :-)

Unless your credit bureau is incredibly different from all the rest, it will
*PROBABLY* be easiest to just do something not unlike:

  # import expected $_POST variables if register_globals is off.
$xml = <<<ENDOFXML
  $result = posttohost('http://yourcreditbureau.com', $xml);

I mean, really, do you want to make life all complicated by trying to create
some giant XML data structure when all you really need is one stupid little
never-changing string with the data in it?

If you're building a complex application to *TRADE* tons of info with your
credit bureau, you'd want to "scale up" and generalize your XML-creation
with complex data structures so you can easily alter it when they change the
DTD out from under you or whatever.

But if you are just sending the one kind of XML request off to the credit
bureau, don't make your life complicated for no real reason.

Just my opinion.

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