Thanks to all those who replied here and directly. I have realised PHP isn't
going to do what I want and have gone back to researching using CSS and
float tags.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


"Martin Clifford" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
PHP is server-side, so it can't do anything that would help with the layout
of HTML on the client-side.  You might want to look into Cascading Style
Sheets (CSS) to format the page so that it validates the way you want it to


Martin Clifford
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>>> "Briggsy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/23/02 04:10PM >>>
I am hoping someone can help me with a desperate problem I am having

I know nothing about PHP and hoping that it might be able to solve a problem
I have with HTML tables.

I want my web background to cover the entire screen regardless of screen
size. The background has a header, a left side nav and a footer. I want the
footer to be on the bottom of the screen or bottom of the text, which ever
is greater. If you go to you will get an idea of what I'm
talking about. If you are using IE 5.x or greater it should show correctly.

I used the HTML table tag height=100%, however this is not a valid tag and
therefore Netscape ignores it. Also if  I use it it wont validate as a true
complaint code, which I want it to.

So can I use PHP to create a table or place the background images to create
a header, side nav and footer with the middle white section adjusting to
screen size.

I don't want to have to greater multiple sites for different resolutions and
would rather have one template that all pages call by an include statement
(That's the ASP command, think I saw the same command in PHP)

Any help or solution would be appreciated as I have been searching the net
and working on this for weeks and I'm getting nowhere.



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