On Wednesday 24 July 2002 15:48, Nicholas Mercier wrote:
> I'm currently developing a Remote CMS for a site.
> I'm working on the image upload and want to create a smaller thumbnail type
> image (thought >200x>180 instead of >50x>50)
> I know I'm going to need either imagecopyresize() or imagecopyresample(). I
> don't know which would be better for this purpose or what the main
> difference is in terms of quality and run time. Any comments or assistance
> is gladly welcome.

imagecopyresample() gives better results but probably takes a tad longer to 
perform. Presumably your thumbnails will be produced on a one-off basis (ie 
not generated on-the-fly each time it is needed) so the extra time taken by 
using imagecopyresample() is more than made up for by the better quality.

Of course the best thing is to try both and see which is better for your 

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