Thursday, July 25, 2002, 12:20:47 AM, you wrote:
P> Prolly a silly question, but I have a session process that never really 
P> ends as it is supposed to allow the user to carry on submitting etc.

P> So I don't know where and when to end the session, and if it is really 
P> nescessary to end a session?

P> Obviously a logout button will do the trick, but what about aborting 
P> users that don't bother to logout? I presume a session will have a 
P> timeout value? If so, how does this work? Surely there can't be a 
P> physical time allowed for a session to stay alive? What about if I want 
P> to have an intranet application that could ( and preferably should) be 
P> able to be open indefinately?

P> Ta

Just checkout the session section of the manual and you will find you
can set the timeout to what you want.

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