PHP redirects using the header() function, but it's not very useful if information has 
already been sent to the browser.  ANY information, including a hard return.  So if 
you have a login script, you would start your session, register any variables, then 

<?php header("Location: index.php"); ?>

That would do the trick.  But like I said, once the parser begins to write HTML to the 
browser, then you can no longer send HTTP headers.

Martin Clifford
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>>> "Roberts, Mark" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/24/02 10:28AM >>>
Is there a way to redirect to a different script in PHP? I call it
redirecting, but can't find it in the documentation using that track.

I have a script...that if a certain criteria is met, I want to load a
different script. Haven't been able to figure that out yet. I have gotten
about it by conditionally executing a location.href in javascript. It works,
but would like to know how to do it in PHP.


Mark Roberts
Sr. Systems Analyst
LanApps/Web Development
The Williams Information Services Corporation

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