You can also checkout OASIS

It's pretty good software, but i'm unable to use it here because it
doesn't have as man features as OAS from RealMedia which my manager is
used to.

It's expensive and doesn't really integrate into PHP. but it's very

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 23:47, Dave at wrote:
> Is there any way of automatically adding a certain bit of code to every page
> on a web server (or within a given directory)?
> As in, is there any kind of Apache-specific PHP stuff that will add a banner
> ad or copyright notice to pages (without editing the actual pages themselves
> and without changing their file names)?  I've looked around a bit, and I
> can't seem to brainstorm how it could be done.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated (with good karma to boot). :)
> Dave
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