Mysql 4 can cache queries. You can try using temporary tables, so you can
break up joins.

  Also, perhaps making a "rawdata" table placeholder. Put a timestamp field
on your columns. Make the query and store somewhere the query itself, the
results and the time they were last modified. Then when the next query
comes, compare if one already exists on the database. If so, only grab the
"rawdata", ie, the previous results.

  And read Mysql's manual section about optimization if you haven't done so
already, since it has important tips.

Julio Nobrega
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"Richard Baskett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu na mensagem
> Is there anyways to speed up MySQL queries?  Or showing the results
> PHP? I have several queries that have about 8 left joins or so.. Yes very
> huge and when you have lots of people using these functions at once it
> really slows down.. Are there any practices that you can think of that
> speed up any sql queries?  I was thinking of using stored procedures, but
> after a bit of research I found ou= t that MySQL doesn=B9t have that yet
> that's a no go :(  Or is there a way of storing common query results?  I
> looking for _anything_ that will speed up showing results to large
> I do use the ob_gzhandler and that helps a bit... Help! :)
> Cheers and Thanks!
> Rick
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