You need to look at the differences between your server and the live one.

The only real way to test is to have both you AND another tester (preferably
on a slow computer with 56k connection) to try uploading the SAME IMAGE FILE
to both servers.

This will rule out problems with the data type (eg blob).

Then test with larger images/files.

Likely problems will be:

- the file size is too big, and the PHP script is timing out before it can
finish (check php.ini for differences in script timeouts)

- there is a maximum file size for uploaded files on the server, which is
different to 

- the file isn't too big, but the script is still timing out (check php.ini
for differences in script timeouts)

- the 56k connection (different to your office set-up) means that files
upload way too slow, or get interrupted

If possible you should compare your php.ini to the one of the live server,
and try to match them up, which will help.

Justin French

on 25/07/02 9:43 AM, Jesse Lawrence ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I've setup an image upload feature on a site, which
> uploads images into a mysql database.
> The uploads are working absolutely as expected on my
> local computer (the server), but when someone else
> tried to upload, only 1/3 of the image was uploaded.
> Could it be a matter of size?  I was originally using
> just a Blob, and have since switched to a Long Blob.
> Any thoughts or comments on this would be greatly
> appreciated. 
> Thanks a bunch,
> Jesse 
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