hi there,

some of you may remember my post from yesterday ( titled  install to unix
... hastles )
as I said in that one I was using Solaris 9 ( the newest ver of the Solaris
OS ) i have since gone back to Solaris 8 and am having the same problem when
I go to do the "make" looking through the ./configure output i discovered it
can find "unix.h" but when I do the make (and inparticular when it goes
through the Zend Makefile ) it cannot find it.. any one got any clues or
suggestions?  ( Solaris does come with an old ver (4.0.6 I think) on a
companion CD but I wanna try and figure this one out as it's a newer ver of
php (4.2.1) )

any help would be apreciated... I can attach soft copies of both the make
and the configure screen outputs for any that are interested...


"the only dumb question is the one that wasn't asked"

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