on 25/07/02 5:43 PM, Philip J. Newman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> session_name('sid');
> session_start();
> Do i have to use session_name('sid'); every time i use session_start(); or
> can session_name be used once?


How about testing it on two pages?

Or better still, LOOK IN THE MANUAL!!!!

php.net/session_name CLEARLY states:

The session name references the session id in cookies and URLs. It should
contain only alphanumeric characters; it should be short and descriptive
(i.e. for users with enabled cookie warnings). The session name is reset to
the default value stored in session.name at request startup time. Thus, you
need to call session_name() for every request (and before session_start() or
session_register() are called).

Justin French

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