Hello everybody,
I hope u can help me with this. I'll be very grateful!
This file retrieves a list of files from a folder on the server and then 
has to diplay a list of them. When selecting one of them in the list, it 
should display a preview (i.e. its contents) in the same file. I think i 
should use frames but donno how to do it :(.
Thx a lot

$d = dir("/home/mcms/public_html/MCMS/Alia/pageTmp");

 <form method="POST" action="showTree.php">
 <p><b>Plz select a page template:</b></p>
 <p><select size="1" name="pageList" >

 while (false !== ($entry = $d->read()))
    if ($entry != '.' && $entry != '..')
        echo '<option value="'.$entry.'">'.$entry.'</option>.\n';

 <p><input type="submit" value="Create" name="createButton" >
    <input type="hidden" 
value="/home/mcms/public_html/MCMS/Alia/pageTmp/" name="pageField" /></p>

/*if (!$file = fopen("/home/mcms/public_html/MCMS/Alia/pageTmp/
$pageList", "rb")){
        echo("couldnt open the file.");
} else{



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