I can think of many reasons why displaying the pdf in the browser is a last
resort and not a first resort.  Especially in situations where the reader is
not installed.  

Like Tyler, I would be quite interested to see if anyone has any ideas on
how to convert from pdf to html.  

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Why not just display the pdf's in the browser? The only caveat is that IE 
has to be properly patched if 5.5, and there is the minor inconvenience of 
users having to install the Acrobat Reader. Most people have already done 
that, so it's practically a non-issue.

The manual shows how to feed a pdf stored on disk to a browser. I'd imagine 
extracting and displaying a PDF from a database would be similar to doing 
the same thing for a .jpg.

Miles Thompson

At 10:03 AM 7/25/2002 -0500, Tyler Longren wrote:
>I've been searching around for ways to convert pdf to html.  I haven't 
>had much luck.
>I have a client that has a bunch of pdf's stored in a mysql table. They 
>don't want their users to have to download the pdf file, they want the 
>pdf to be displayed in the web browser all the time.  Google has 
>something that allows them to convert pdf to html, so, is it possible 
>for me to do the same?
>These pdf's are graphic intensive...there's not much plain text.
>Thanks everyone,
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