I had experienced similar problem like that in the past.  Part of it had to
do with the header() function.  Your script checked out fine, just like mine
did.  Try remarking the line of code where hte header is and see if you
don't have hte parse error, if this is the case then it's the header().
"Jas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am getting a parse error on line 14, I am trying to make sure session
> are being set before rendering the page.  This is lines 12,13,14 & 15.
> help is appreciated.
> Jas
> if ((!$u_name) || (!$p_word)){
>  header("Location: index.php");
>  session_destroy();
>  exit; }
> /* Check for missing session vars */
> elseif ((!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['clk']) ||
> (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['holy_cow']) ||
> (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['ipaddy']) || (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['a']))
>  /* Begin logging of client info to database table since session vars are
> not present */
>  require '/path/to/connection/class/db.php';

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