I am building (or attemting to build) an msn messenger class. I am having 
problems reading from the socket.

I open a connection with fsockopen(), i then write commands to the socket 
with fputs(). I am reading wth fgets().

It is all fine if I am reading one line returned by the server, the script 
runs quickly. However is i wish to read multiple lines the script basically 
stops. I am working with code like this to read multiple lines...

        function read() {
                $fp =& $this->fp;
                $this->response = '';
                        while($line = fgets($fp, 1024)) {
                                $this->response .= $line;
                return $this->response;

I think it may be geting into an infinite loop. With nntp protocol you can 
test for a fullstop and then stop reading, does anyone know if there is 
somthing like this in msn messenger protocol? has anyone else had this 

I rewrote the class using the socket functions such as socket_create(), 
socket_connect() and socket_read() but had the same problems. Is it a 
problem with my code or is it somthing to do with the way the server is 
working? help me!

Thanks, Mike

MGS2 Online

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