>Worked on this a bit tonight, thought it might help someone out there! I
>looked at the bottomw of phpclasses.org at what they'd done to obfuscate
>their e-mail address using JavaScript. While theirs is much more complex, I
>couldn't figure a way to do it their way when you don't know the exact
>user@domain of people in your database. I thought this might do the trick,
>at least to some extent, by separating the user and domain in the source
>code and not put them together until the mailto: link is clicked. Sorry if
>something like this has been posted before - if so, here it is again! :)

I never rely on JavaScript existing, much less working correctly for
something as important as an email link actually working.  YMMV.

  function spaminator($email, $text = ''){
    $url = str_replace('@', '%40', $email);
    $text = $text ? str_replace('@', '&#64;', $text) : $url;
    return "<A HREF=mailto:$url>$text</A>";

I understand that on older versions of AOL, this "doesn't work" but I
haven't really gotten a handle on just how old the AOL is, or quite how it

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