I have two tables: member_basic and member_detail. When a member edits their
record, they can edit or add data for either table, but, the data stored in
member_detail isn't required, so, they can possibly leave these fields
blank. By the way, both tables would be linked by a member id.

Here's my dilemma: If they do fill in any fields associated with
member_detail, I have to first see whether or not there's an entry in the
member_detail table already for that user (based on member id number). If
not, I then have to check ALL the form fields associated with this table to
see if any data was actually entered so I know whether or not to create a
new record for the member in member_detail. If there is already an entry for
that member in member_detail, then I can just do a standard UPDATE.

Now maybe this is how it has to be done, but, I was hoping there might be an
easier way to do this. It appears it's not possible to UPDATE a JOINed table
during a query, which is what I was hoping. I am trying to keep the DB
efficient by keeping optional data that may be left empty in another table,
but, it's only making my life difficult, so, unless there's an easier way, I
may just combine all the fields into one table and be done with it.

Sorry for the long-winded explanation. Any suggestion are greatly


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