I am creating a script that takes an uploaded image, creates a thumbnail
from it, and saves both files.

The script works great, but the problem is, the files It will have to
handle, are high-resolution files (300dpi, 24 bit-depth).. it works fine on
regular files (72 dpi), but when I upload a 300dpi image, it says that the
image is not a valid JPEG file.

Warning: imagecreatefromjpeg:
'/home/sites/site1/web/uploadedHi-Res/mo_0001.jpg' is not a valid JPEG file
in /home/sites/site1/web/site/designers/doSubmit.php on line 6

The image appears to be valid here, it opens on photoshop, and everywhere,
however, once uploaded, the image seems to be corrupted somehow, bc if I
download it again, it wonĘt open anywhere. Has this happened to anyone else
on this list?.. if so, please advise!.

Here is the code for the script if it helps:

function createThumbnail($path, $filename) {
$src_img=ImageCreateFromJpeg($path); //HERE IT SAYS IMAGE NOT VALID
if (imagesx($src_img)  > imagesy($src_img)) {
 $t1 = imagesx($src_img);
 $t2 = imagesy($src_img);
} else {
 $t1 = imagesy($src_img);
 $t2 = imagesx($src_img);
header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
"/home/sites/site1/web/uploadedHi-Res/$filename-thumb.jpg", 50);

if (($filename_type != "image/jpeg") && ($filename_type != "image/jpg") &&
($filename_type != "image/pjpeg")) {
header("Location:submitError.php"); exit;
} else {
$randomfile = substr(md5(rand(0,9999999)), 0, 6);
$upload = "/home/sites/site1/web/uploadedHi-Res";
$upload_path = "$upload/$filename_name";
if (is_uploaded_file($filename)) {
 Exec("cp $filename $upload_path");
  $link = @mysql_connect(localhost, 'xxxxx', 'xxxx') 
   or die("Unable to Connect to Database");
 $sql = "INSERT INTO xxxx VALUES ('$designer_valid', '$filename_name',
NOW(), 'Pending')";
 $result = mysql_query($sql) or die("Query Failed");
 createThumbnail($upload_path, $filename_name);
 header("Location:designSubmitted.php"); exit;
} else {
   header("Location:submitError.php"); exit;

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