>I have no problem with Netscape 4.7 when connecting to
>Windows 2000 running the same script.  Also, I don't
>have any nested tables in the html.  Any other ideas?
>--- Bob Lockie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> >[snip]
>> >I'm trying to generate dynamic buttons with text
>> from mysql database.
>> >Everything is fine except that the images are
>> displaying very slow in
>> >Netscape 4.7. Internet Explorer, Netscape 6 and
>> Mozilla are very fast.  I'm
>> >running Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.2.2, GD 1.6.2 on
>> Linux.  Also, I have the same
>> >scripts running in Windows 2000 and I don't have
>> this problem with Netscape.
>> >The following are the scripts:
>> >
>> >Has anyone experience this problem before?  I'm not
>> sure whether Apache,
>> >PHP, or GD is causing this.
>> >[/snip]
>> >
>> >I am running various browsers and have never seen
>> this type of behavior. If
>> >the same script is good in IE, NS6, and Moz could
>> it be that there is
>> >something with NS4.7? I have just tested IE6, NS6,
>> Moz1.0, and NS4.7
>> >accessing the same script on the same server and
>> saw no problems (save for
>> >NS4.7 barfing on some of the CSS).
>> Check the generated HTML.
>> I think later browsers are more forgiving.
>> Are you using tables?
>> I think table rendering in NS4.7 was really slow.

What web servers are you using?
Maybe they are returning different headers.

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