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>>Subject: Re: [PHP] Help: header function
>> Try just header("Location: $PHP_SELF"); or header("Location:
>> ...leave out http:// ...and your quotes are in the wrong place too.
>I know that works but the spec for http/1.1 says it's supposed to have the
>absoluteURI including the scheme, and host,
>see http://www.php-faq.com/httpheaders.php#14.30.  Kamesh's trouble was he
>was refering to something like http://mypage.php -- which was missing the
>host name. I've coded lots of headers() with relative URIs [i.e.
>header('Location: mypage.php')] without trouble (at least that I know of).
>Has anyone run into trouble using only the page name?  Is this something to
>worry about or not?

I think only fully qualified domain names and paths are in the HTTP spec but most/all 
support relative names in Location (not that they have to).

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