> How do I compare time in php?
> Eg. If I have a mysql time field I retrieve stored in $result[0][0] how do
> say :
> if (($result[0][0] > $result[0][0] plus ten minutes) && ($result[0][0] >
> '00:00:00')){

MySQL and PHP timestamps are in different formats. MySQL uses YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
and PHP uses a unix timestamp, the number of seconds since January 1st,

You can use UNIXTIMESTAMP(your_column) in your query to get a PHP style unix

Although, if you explain what you are trying to do a little better, you
could probably do the comparisons a lot easier in your query and not involve
PHP at all.

SELECT * FROM your_table WHERE your_column > your_column + INTERVAL 10
MINUTE AND your_column != 0

That looks equivilent to what you're trying to do in PHP. You might have to
say your_column+0 != 0 to get your_column as an integer and not a string.

---John Holmes...

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