>which version of libpng and libjpeg is needed to use the bundled libgd 
>in the current php tree.
>I using libpng 1.2.3 and php crashes with a segfault
>and with libjpeg62 (6b Mandrake RPM) in apache logs:
>gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: JPEG parameter struct 
>mismatch: library thinks size is 372, caller expects 376
>Hmmm, maybe the bundled gd has more bugs as the 'normal' 2.0.1 (Beta)

I'm not sure it matters so much *WHICH* version you use for those packages,
as it does that the version you tell PHP you are using matches the one
actually *IN* your system...

If you tell PHP you have libpng 1.2.3, and that's the headers it uses, but
your OS actually has 1.2.4 or 1.2.2, it's going to crash, almost for sure. 
The farther apart the versions, the more quickly you'll notice the crash. 
Very "close" versions might have only a couple functions out of sync that
will puke when you try to use them.

Uninstall all the damn RPM's, and install the tarballs.  Look inside the
libpng/jpeg directory and find the header files.  Do a "locate" on the ones
that seem pretty likely to have always been there for jpeg (eg "jpeg.h") and
make sure you don't have any copies of that in your /usr/.../include/
directories.  If you do, get rid of all the *.h files that came from the
jpeg library, *and* the libjpeg.so files in the parallel /usr/.../lib/
directory.  Then install from the tarball so that there is one, and only
one, libjpeg on your entire hard-drive.  Remember to do ldconfig after every
"make install"

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