>Top 10 Locales --
>Washington DC (9 members)
>Amsterdam (7 members)
>Leeds, UK (7 members)
>London, England (7 members)
>Atlanta (5 members)
>Manhattan (below 42nd St) (5 members)
>Melbourne (5 members)
>Oakland-Alameda, CA (4 members)
>Nashville, TN (4 members)
>St. Louis, MO (4 members)
>I am somewhat surprised that there are no more developers in Texas signed
>up. In my area it would just be me and one other. I was hoping to get to see
>enough to start a users group. There is only a total of 268 signed up

People who are in areas with active PHP User Groups may well have opted to
skip meetup...

I signed up, if only to be sure any event was informed of the existing user
groups, but I dunno that I really expect a Chicago event to happen when we
already meet monthly, no twice monthly now anyway...

But hey, I'm not opposed to a more informal gathering.

Went to the slashdot one last night, and had a nice time, though it was in a
much too expensive (Guinness $6 Martini $10) joint, but the bread and oil
was free, so with Guinness and bread, who needs to buy a meal? :-)

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I'm looking for a PRO QUALITY two-input sound card supported by Linux (any
major distro).  Need to record live events (mixed already) to stereo
CD-quality.  Soundcard Recommendations?
Software to handle the recording? Don't need fancy mixer stuff.  Zero (0)
post-production time.  Just raw PCM/WAV/AIFF 16+ bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo

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