I just realised why my search returned nothing.

I was searching the function list instead of the whole site :}

Sorry :(

JJ Harrison

"Jason Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Friday 26 July 2002 23:33, Tech Support wrote:
> > Don't waist everyone's time with this b.s. ...either you can help or you
> > cannot.
> Jeez. How do you like your help to be given to to?
> By saying 'rftm' that is not helping? It's blindingly obvious from the
> question that the section of the manual to look up would be the chapter on
> functions.
> So to be helpful I should go and copy-paste bits of the manual in my
> > Use "rtfm" sparingly. Treat it as a last resort; a secret weapon.
> > it for people who ask really dumb questions like "how do I use
> > or "how do I use mysql", or something general like that, when you know
> > well they have not even tried to find out anything on their own.
> A substantial number of questions to this list can/should be answered with
> 'rtfm'. Only recently someone said "why read the manual when it's quicker
> ask the list and have some sucker do my homework for me" (or words to that
> effect).
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