on 27/07/02 12:09 PM, Michael ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> <?php
> function joe() {
> $temp1=10;
> $temp2=20;
> $result=$temp1+$temp2;
> echo "The result of this function is: " . $result;
> }
> ?>

wouldn't that be

return "The result of this function is: " . $result;

rather than echo?

Anyhoo, you haven't specified HOW you want to communicate the result of the
function to the browser.

A HREF is supposed to take you off to another page (amongst other things),
which might be what you're after.

JavaScript (*shudder*) is designed to provide client-side actions, so maybe
a javascript alert is what you want, or a pop-up window, or who knows what.

You need to decide what happens, in a story board fashion.

Remember, everything in PHP code takes place on the server, BEFORE the
browser gets it.

Example of using JS alert:

function joe() {
    return "The result of this function is: " . $result;
<A HREF="#" onclick="javascript:alert('<?=joe()?>')">calculate foo</a>

but really, I can't understand why you wouldn't just do:

echo "Total: {$result}";

Why do they have to click?

You'll have to check all the javascript stuff and maybe massage it, because
I haven't tested this, and haven't written much JS in the past coupla years.

Beware of the limitations of relying on javascript for anything though :)

Justin French

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