Ok, here i made a function that can accept an unknown number of params.

In fact, it's a data interface for a mysql database, when i call the
object's constructor it is in possibility to pass any number of table names
from 1 to x. Now i got this other class called a data interfacer which sends
a certain number of tables to the data interface constructor. I tried doing:

$interface = new data_interface($table1, eval("$table2, $table3, $table4"));
$interface = eval("new data_interface($table1, $table2, $table3, $table4)");

and various other tries. The thing is i can't know how many tables can be
transfered from the data interfacer to the data_interface. So i could make a
if..elseif...elseif until i reach something like 10 tables but still, it's
not a good practice, i'm sure there is a way to emulate real parameters when
they are needed and skip them in the call if you don't have them.

Can anybody help me out?


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