I guess I should reiterate;

"What is the easiest way to test locally (on my desktop) without having to


Tim Luoma wrote:

> Marcus Unlimited wrote:
> > So what is the absolute simplest and easiest path to open my .html pages
> > with some php mysql in em. and see them as they will work on the web???
> To quote a friend of mine: "The only way to see how this will work is to
> see how this will work."
> Get some server space with the software installed, and play with it.
> There's free space available for this purpose at http://www.evolt.org
> and http://f2o.org/ and I'm sure others as well, but it's best if you
> can setup a little 'sandbox' to play in on the actual machine that you
> are using so that you are testing on the same versions, same config that
> you will be running on.
> TjL


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