I am currently working on a website that is implemented using PHP and MySQL.

The site currently has a simple search engine that allows a shopper to type
in a search string that is stored in $search. For example, if a shopper
types in 1972 Ford Mustang
$string ="1972 Ford Mustang"

Using the following SQL statement:
SELECT * FROM whatevertable WHERE whatevercolumn LIKE '%$search%

Records are returned that have this exact string and in this exact order
(I'm aware a wild card character is included on the front and back of the

My desire is to be able to logically AND each token of the search together
independent or the order of the tokens.
I want to return all records that have Mustang AND 1972 AND Ford.

Since a shopper inputs the search string in advance I don't know how many
tokens will be used.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


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