echo $_POST['nameofthefield'];

If this works, it's to do with register_globals directive in your php.ini

You can set it to on, which will solve your problem, or you can choose to be
more secure, and write better scripts, by choosing to keep it off, as with
the above line of code.

Search the archives of this list for "regisiter globals" and "new global
variables", because this has been discussed over and over and over and over.


on 28/07/02 8:04 PM, kju ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi newsgroup friends,
> my name is mike and im qite new to php.
> i have one problem: i cant send date via a <form action="example.php"
> method="post">.
> so in the the php file called example, i write echo $nameofthefield, but the
> data isnt send, so nothing is written in the browser!
> what can i do?

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