on 29/07/02 12:02 AM, Kevin Breit ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

>> Aaaannny way, you can't modify WHAT php does in nl2br, but you can do
>> something to the resulting code, like replacing "</li><br />" with "</li>":
>> <?
>> $original = "<ul><li>Blar</li></ul>";
>> $new = nl2br($original);
>> $new = str_replace('</li><br />', '</li>', $new);
>> ?>
> Hmmm..you've got it backwards, but I see what you mean.  I'll tool
> around with it tonight.

I don't think I did....

Manual Quote:

mixed str_replace ( mixed search, mixed replace, mixed subject)

So, we search for </li><br /> (the problem being the unnecessary <br />, and
replace it with </li>.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the question/problem.


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