> Howdy,
> I've successfully complied PHP and the straight cigfiguration of apache
> 1.3.26 but when i go to configure php as a module in apache using
> #./configure --enable-module=max --enable-shared=max --activate-module=src/m
> odules/php4/libmodphp4.a
> i get the following error
> mod_php4.c:28:18: zend.h: No such file or directory
<SNIP more of the same>
> does any one have any idea's on why it is and what i can do about it?

I was under the (possibly wrong) understanding that .a libraries are 
static, not dynamically loadable.

The way I usually get apache/php as a DSO is to compile apache first, with 
--enable-modules=max --enable-shared=max blah blah whatever else you 
need (but not -activate-module)

Then copmile php with whatever config options you need _and_ 

Last config item might be slightly different - can't remember exactly :-) 
Try ./configure --help |grep apache for the correct syntax.

Then when you do make install for php it will install in the 
correct place and also amend your httpd.conf to activate php as DSO. The 
nyou just (re)start apache and off you go.

David Robley
Temporary Kiwi!

Quod subigo farinam

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