Hi all,

I have been working on an online shopping thingy for quite a while and I have 
encounter a strange problem which could not be solved. Deeply needed your help. 


Its very hard to explain this. So, if you do not quite understand it, please tell me, 
I will send some screenshots to you personally... I tried send it here but it was 

Okay.. here goes... I have a product list, where customers can select which products 
to buy and enter the quantity they want...

Upon clicking on "Order" button, the customer is brought to his shopping cartwhere 
there is the product, with price in "Per Unit", "Qty", and "Total Price" . In this 
area, value for "Qty" column is obtained from the $qty that is passed on from the 
previous page, where it is also a registered in session_register("qty"). (The same 
goes to the Product, where prod_id is obtained from $prod_id, also a session 
registered variable.)

It worked out fine so far... it could get the product, unit price, qty and the total 

But then, when I continued shopping second time, doing the same thing, first select 
the product, then enter the quantity and then dump it in the shopping cart, something 
starts going wrong... the "Qty" column do not show any value at all......  

However, products are still working... which means that the $prod_id session is 
recorded. How come?

Here is the snippet of the script:
(took out the HTML <font> tags to make it more readable)

The code I used to create the table in the product list 


.... all other normal thingy......

while($query_data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

    $price = $query_data["price_lq"] * $rrp * $gst;
    $RowColor = useColor();

    echo "<TR BGCOLOR=\"$RowColor\">";
    echo "<TD>".$query_data["prod_brand"]."</TD>";
    echo "<TD>".$query_data["prod_code"]."</TD>";
    echo "<TD>".$query_data["prod_desc"]."</TD>";
    echo "<TD>$",number_format($price, 2, '.', ''),"</TD>";
    echo "<TD><input name=\"qty[".$query_data["prod_id"]."]\" type=\"text\" 
    echo "<TD><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"choice[", $query_data["prod_id"], "]\" 
value=\"", $query_data["prod_id"],"\"></TD>\n";


all other html stuffs.............


This is the code I used for the shopping cart 


.... all other normal thingy......

while (list($key,$prod_id) = each($cart)) {
   $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM products WHERE prod_id = '$prod_id' ORDER BY 
prod_brand ASC", $link_id);
   $query_data = mysql_fetch_array($result);
   $RowColor = useColor();
   $index = $query_data["prod_id"];
   $quantity = $qty[$index];
   $price_perunit = $query_data["price_lq"] * $rrp * $gst;
   $total_price = $query_data["price_lq"] * $rrp * $gst * $quantity;
   $grandtotal = $grandtotal + $total_price;

   echo "<TR BGCOLOR=\"$RowColor\">";
   echo "<TD>".$query_data["prod_brand"]."</TD>";
   echo "<TD>".$query_data["prod_desc"]."</TD>";
   echo "<TD>$".number_format($price_perunit, 2, '.', '')."</TD>";
   echo "<TD>".$quantity."</TD>";
   echo "<TD>$".number_format($total_price, 2, '.', 
   echo "\t<TD><a href=\"delete.php?delete=".$query_data["prod_id"]."\" 
Onclick=\"return confirm('Are you sure?');\">";
   echo "[Delete]</a></TD></TR>";


other html stuffs.................


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