>I am building (or attemting to build) an msn messenger class. I am having 
>problems reading from the socket.
>I open a connection with fsockopen(), i then write commands to the socket 
>with fputs(). I am reading wth fgets().
>It is all fine if I am reading one line returned by the server, the script 
>runs quickly. However is i wish to read multiple lines the script basically 
>stops. I am working with code like this to read multiple lines...

Maybe I'm just being goofy, but how do you expect PHP to know that it should

I mean, it's a socket, and it's probably still "open" and "waiting" to
send/receive info, so when do you think PHP's fgets() should "stop"?...

I think there are probably specific tokens/lines/keywords in the MSN
protocol that you're going to have to use to know when read() has finished
getting a whole "chunk" of information...

What that token *IS*, I dunno.  Only MS knows, I guess...

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