Please cc me on answers, as I'm way behind in this list...

I have a perfectly good Ming (Flash) movie coming out of PHP, but it's a bit

I'd like to put this thing on a diet.

I figured I could do it with a Sprite for the tiny portion that's animated,
but I'm not getting quite what I expect for output...

Here's the way it should look:

Here's the Sprite version:

Here's the source:

It seems to be skipping all the "nextframe" calls I make on the Sprite in
the animation loop...  What's up with that?

Am I just being bone-headed about something?  (Probably, but what?)

The background "map" JPEG is only like 24K, but still I don't need to repeat
that whole thing every frame...

PS Any way to get the text back to blank so I don't create/destroy 50 text
PPS Any way to diagnose a bloated Ming movie and determine where all the
space is going?
PPPS Anything else I could do to put this thing on a diet?
PPPPS Any pointers to OpenSource text-to-speech applications would be quite
useful as well.

Like Music?
I'm looking for a PRO QUALITY two-input sound card supported by Linux (any
major distro).  Need to record live events (mixed already) to stereo
CD-quality.  Soundcard Recommendations?
Software to handle the recording? Don't need fancy mixer stuff.  Zero (0)
post-production time.  Just raw PCM/WAV/AIFF 16+ bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo

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