>I am trying to figure out how to upgrade php from 4.1.2 (which is the
>default that comes with redhat 7.3), to version 4.2.2. From the small amount
>of documentation I have been able to find on the subject, it looks like I
>need to download a rpm. Is this the best way to do it or would it be better
>to try to use the install files off of php.net, and if the php.net install
>files are the way to go, how would I go about installing them over the
>current copy of php. I know this may not be the proper list for this
>question but I am also sending this email to the redhat list in hopes that
>someone from one of these two lists can point me in the right direction. 

I recommend the tarball (php.net) install.

When switching from RPM to tarball, it's best to UNINSTALL the RPMs first,
then install the tarball.

You can download it first safely.

You can even do all the stuff in the instructions UP TO the "make install"
before you uninstall the RPM.

You may also need to install either "devel" RPMs for other packages you use
with PHP, or uninstall the RPMs and install them from source as well. 
Something you expect to re-install a lot (Apache, MySQL, PHP) it's best to
use tarball.

If you expect to buy a new computer before re-installing, use the RPM :-)

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