>1) Integration with Outlook (yes the application will only ever be run on

Define "Integration"... :-)

Does it need to read the user's Outlook mailbox files or something?

Or does it just need to send/receive email?

Or what?

I'll give as many answers as I can, but this is not really a well-defined

PHP can send mail just fine using SMTP servers, Pegasus command-line email,
or any other email program that will run from MS-DOS and send email out.

You can use almost any program that accepts email, and configure it to
EXECute PHP when it gets email matching whatever criteria that program knows
how to match.  I have no idea how you'd get MS Exchange (blech) to fire up
an auto-responder, but once you know how to do that, doing:
C:/path/to/php.exe -q C:/path/to/autoresponser.php
should not be the hard part.

>2) Integration with Credit Checking agencies (UK).

This is usually just a question of using cURL to contact their server and
spewing the right stuff at it to make it answer you nicely...

Some of those agencies will probably have a pre-packaged PHP script for you,
so shop around for one that does, if you can.

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