>Can anyone recommend a good portal system / content management system
>(polls, forums, etc.)  I have tried phpnuke but am bound to the standard
>layout of it i.e content in the centre and blocks on the left or right.

phpnuke has all kinds of skins and templates and whatnot with different

There are other choices, however...  Is eGrail still around?

Try http://php.net/links.php -- I'll bet there are links there to PHP CMS
systems.  Or just Google for "PHP and CMS"

Like Music?  http://l-i-e.com/artists.htm
I'm looking for a PRO QUALITY two-input sound card supported by Linux (any
major distro).  Need to record live events (mixed already) to stereo
CD-quality.  Soundcard Recommendations?
Software to handle the recording? Don't need fancy mixer stuff.  Zero (0)
post-production time.  Just raw PCM/WAV/AIFF 16+ bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo

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